Holistic Therapies

What are Holistic Therapies?

The holistic healing treats the person as a single indivisible entity both for himself as well as to the environment.

“Cures” in Greek means, serve, care, nurse, I deal with zeal grow. The “healer” who practices holistic healing, not only deals with the individual physical, or psychological problems of the patient. He emphasizes on the holistic rehabilitation. He assists and supports the patient’s attempt to understand the cause or causes of his condition and assume sufferer himself the responsibility of health and hence life.

The “healer” who practices holistic healing systematically patiently working with his own physical, emotional and mental mechanism. This is an ongoing process of harmonization and health. Both with himself and with the environment deal, with each person as a soul, mind and body and look at the various issues at all levels: interpersonal, emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, etc.